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Guest Studios

Our Studios

AiR Ellemeet offers three guest studios varying in size from 40 – 60 m2. The ground floor of each studio provides space for artistic activity

and is fully self-contained with its own bathroom, small kitchen

and wood-fired heating. 


Each studio features a ‘birdnest’ hanging from the roof beams,

providing a suspended bedroom with a double bed.


The residents of the studios share a laundry room and an outdoor courtyard, surrounded by the U-shaped stables.


Artists that can function within and contribute to our community are welcome to apply for a stay at the AiR Ellemeet’s guest studios for a period up to six months.


In your application, please provide:


  1. A short statement (max 100 words) describing your interest in renting a guest studio and what kind of work or project you are planning to do

  2. Documentation of your work, including links to your website or any relevant online information

  3. The period you would like to stay at AiR Ellemeet


Send your application to


Once we receive your application, we will notify you of availability and inform you of the further application process.


The guest studios currently have a fixed rate of € 410 per person per calendar month. This rent is subject to price changes.


One additional resident is welcome to stay at each studio at an additional monthly rent of € 70.


Rent is charged per calendar month (even if the contract begins into the month). The monthly rent is due on the first day of the calendar month. 


Terms and conditions

Guests are self-sufficient and agree to follow a few guidelines regarding health & safety, good housekeeping, and consideration for others.



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